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Our Remodeling Process

At Coastal Homes of Marco Island, we are passionate about helping you build the home of your dreams. We pride ourselves on our streamlined remodeling process, which helps our customers have an exceptional experience from initial consultation through project completion. Our remodeling team works with you, the homeowner, and together we collaborate to ensure the dream project you envisioned is fully brought to life. Here is how we do it:

Initial Phone Consultation:

  • During our initial phone conversation, we will discuss your current home and the scope of the remodeling project you would like to undertake. As part of this discussion we will touch on your time frame, budget, wants and needs. If it sounds like Coastal Homes of Marco Island is a good fit for you, we will then schedule the next step.

In-Home Consultation:

  • We will schedule to visit your home and meet with you to further discuss the goals of the project. The budget will be discussed as it pertains to the scope of work of the project. At this point, some rough measurements and photographs are usually taken to help us with creating a rough estimate.

Rough Estimate:

  • Within 7-10 days we will put together a rough estimate along with an outline of the project. If the rough estimate and outline meet your expectations, we will schedule to move on to the design phase.

Design Phase:

  • Not all remodeling projects need design, but when they do we create a “Design/Draw Agreement” which allows us to be compensated for our design time. We then create accurate renderings of your existing space, called “as-builts,” and drawings of the proposed remodel. These drawings are usually modified to your specifications once or twice before we agree on a final layout and scope of work. From these finalized drawings, we create a specifications document that accounts for all the materials and labor that will go into the project.

Pricing and Specifications Review:

  • From the finalized drawings and specifications, we put together final pricing for the project. Once this is complete, we schedule to meet to go over the completed specifications for the project, final pricing and the progress payment schedule. We then make any final modifications to the documents and drawings.

Contract Signing:

  • Once the documents are finalized, we will sit down to review and sign the contract. At this time, a deposit of 20-25% of the contract total is due. This deposit allows us to begin to purchase materials in preparation for the start of your project.

Permitting and Materials Selection Process:

  • Prior to the start of your project, Coastal Homes of Marco Island will apply for and receive all necessary permitting. During this time, the homeowner will start the product selection process. We will provide you with a selection worksheet that includes all of the materials allowances and deadlines necessary to keep the project on schedule.

Start of Construction:

  • At this stage, we will schedule a pre-construction meeting with the homeowner to go over the logistics of timing, access to the home and start date. Once the start date is agreed upon, you can expect our crew to be there bright and early and ready to go!


  • We will keep you abreast of the schedule throughout your project and are always available to answer any questions.

Change Orders:

  • At any point during the project, the homeowner may make changes or modifications to the scope of work. We will create a change order document, with pricing, which will require a signature for approval before any additional work is started.

Substantial Completion:

  • Substantial completion is the milestone wherein your new space is usable. It may still need a few punch list items complete or paint touch-up, but at this phase, we are nearing completion.

Final Walk-Through:

  • Once your project is fully finished and the final inspections have been completed by the town building inspector, we will schedule a final walk-thru to go over the completed project and welcome you to your new home.
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